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I would like to share with you the sites the will pay you to blog and will help you earn extra income in the comfort of your home. If you are a stay at home mom like me, you want to have your own income while taking care of your kids, you should try blogging. If you love writing and a lot of ideas pop up your mind, maybe blogging can be your online diary where you can share anything then make it your way of earning some money.

Here are the sites that pay me to blog:

1. Getblogged - Sign up and earn £££ by choosing the assignments you like to work with. When applying, make sure you give a good reason for your suitability (such as your traffic stats, your social network engagement, and/or your content ideas) - this will help you get noticed by the brands. Payment will be via Paypal.

2. Intellifluence - I must be awesome because I'm a High Closer influencer at Intellifluence. Think you can do the same? Register now and start applying for opportunities available in the marketplace. Payment will be via PayPal.

3. PayU2Blog -  Sign up and you will then receive an email confirmation if your blog has been accepted by payu2blog. *Please note that they only contact you if your blog has been approved. The assignment you will receive only cost $5 for 60 words. You can include all your social media account for you to receive more assignments. Payment will be via PayPal.

4. Bravomark -  As a BraVoMark® community blogger, influencer, or creator you will be provided with periodic opportunities to apply for work based on brand requirements. This means you can earn income for doing what you love. Payment will be via PayPal.

5. Getcraft -  I just recently joined here and saw a lot of famous personalities selling their services, too. Services like article writing/blogging, social media posting of images and videos featuring a certain brand that hire them. A lot of services that you can sell and the brand will contact you if they find you suitable.

6. Blogger Meets Brand - Sign up and an advertiser will create a campaign on Blog Meets Brand, and then their proprietary algorithm matches the most relevant influencers in the network to the campaign based on the details provided by the advertiser (campaign type, category, audience demo's, etc.). The influencers that are top matches in the system are then sent an email from Blog Meets Brand with the opportunity to work on that campaign, and those influencers are asked to either accept or decline the offer.

7. PopStar -  Be an influencer, sign up to earn by posting on your social media and refer your friends.

8. WebfluentialWebfluential Performance Marketplace – a way for our influencers to work with leading global brands and earn commissions on sales, on a constant basis – and thus take a step towards true financial independence as a full-time creator.

I will update the list if ever I have a new network site that I joined that will pay me to blog.

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