Wednesday, December 15, 2021


Atty. Cheryl P. Deloso-Montalla
Congressman, 18th Congress
2nd District, Zambales

December 14, 2021
Reference: Earl L. Sitaca


Rep. Cheryl P. Deloso-Montalla, Chairman of the House Committee on Revision of 
Laws, hails the ratification today by the House of Representatives of the bicameral 
conference committee report on the disagreeing provisions of Senate Bill No. 2332 and 
House Bill No. 7836 on increasing the age in determining statutory rape. 

“In the report, we determined that the age of statutory rape be set to under 16 
years of age in view of the global standard on statutory rape age,” Rep. Deloso-Montalla 
explained. “We also aligned with this bill the age of consent in other crimes under the 
criminal code and other anti-child abuse and exploitation laws like the R.A. No. 7610,”
she added.

The Representative of the 2nd District of Zambales also said that the Committee “… 
also provided a “close-in relationship” or “sweetheart clause” to recognize the legitimate 
relationship between 2 teenagers... that is in consonance with the age of criminal liability 
under RA 7610 or the Special Protection of Children Against Abuse, Exploitation and 
Discrimination Act and the Juvenile Justice Welfare Act or RA No. 9344, as amended by 
RA No. 10630. Most importantly, rape and other acts of sexual exploitation, under this 
bill, is now applicable to a man, woman, or child.”

“The enactment of this bill is long overdue as the data scream loudly and clearly
speak that the crime of rape remains rampant in the country. What we know are the 
reported cases but the true statistics may be higher considering that there are a lot of 
unreported and unaccounted cases of rape and other forms of sexual abuse and 
exploitation that are happening,” Rep. Deloso-Montalla further said.

“Now that we have ratified the Bi-Cam report on the anti-stat rape bill, it is now a 
step closer to becoming a law! We will always endure to ascertain that our children are 
given optimum protection under our laws and within the bounds of the democratic society 
that we have,” she averred.

Initially, 9 bills were referred to the Committee on Revision of Laws relating to the 
amendments to Anti-Rape Law with specific provisions on increasing the age of consent 
on statutory rape. There were similar bills that were referred to the Committee on Welfare 
of Children Chaired by Rep. Yedda K. Romualdez. The 2 committees jointly heard and 
deliberated exhaustively on the proposed measures and came up with a substitute bill -
HB 7836 or An Act Providing for Stronger Protection Against Rape and Sexual Exploitation 
and Abuse, Including Increasing the Age for Determining the Commission of Statutory 

The bill was approved on Third Reading by the House of Representatives on December 1, 2020.

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Nitrile Gloves For Your Total Health Protection

For the past 10 years, infections have risen that are harmful to hospital workers throughout the world. The usage of medical gloves has increased, with the purpose to protect the health care workers, as well as a way to protect patients in a hospital setting. With the frequent consumption of gloves, medical care workers started to experience problems using latex gloves. Prolonged usage and exposure to Latex Gloves led to an increase in allergic reactions, such as dermatitis and latex allergies. These problems caused an increase in worker's compensation claims, to find a better protective glove for workers as well as their patients and avoid skin problems. Medical professionals soon will use nitrile gloves as an effective way to control this problem.

Manufacturers have lowered the cost of these gloves, which makes them an effective replacement that is not too expensive. These gloves provide a far superior level of protection from punctures as well as protection from chemicals. Testing was done by LabConsumer in order to assess the maneuverability and comfort of the gloves, as this would be an important factor, especially in hospital settings. One of the most important results of this study was that participants actually preferred nitrile gloves rather than latex gloves. Institutions now have a glove that is more effective than latex, prevents workers and patients from getting dermatitis and allergies. 

In recent years, the automotive industry has also turned to use nitrile gloves as a way to protect their workers from harmful chemicals. Workers in this industry come in contact with many different harmful chemicals and the gloves provide outstanding protection. It also helps to prevent workers from burns and cuts that are common in this industry. The most important protections workers receive in the automotive industry, are the reduction of vibrations that can eventually lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, protection from toxic chemicals, solvents, and cleaners. All of these can lead to compensation claims, therefore owners in the automotive industry need a reduction in force due to cost-cutting.

People in the dental profession also use gloves more than any other health care provider. It was found that due to prolonged use of latex gloves they suffered a higher incidence of allergies as well as allergic skin reactions. Dentists and dental assistants now prefer to use Nitrile Disposable Gloves for protection, but also they are more resistant to punctures and tears than the old-style latex gloves. The dexterity of these gloves was found to be just as good as latex but provided the best protection for them as well as for their patients.

As more industries become concerned with protecting their workers, these gloves are now being used in all industrial settings. Any industry where workers are exposed to caustic chemicals has now turned to use gloves that will provide maximum protection to their workers, thereby reducing claims for injuries. Police forces worldwide also use them to protect officers from being exposed to blood or other pathogens they come in contact with. The same also holds true for ambulance workers, who are exposed more often than police officers. The gloves have become so popular that even people who work in the garden are now using them for protection as well as providing a comfortable environment for their hands when working. Nitrile gloves are now the protection of choice in many different areas. The more they become the standard and production rates rise, the more cost savings will be passed on to the consumer.

Thursday, December 9, 2021

REX Education and PEAC Launch Edukampyon Iskolar Para Sa Kinabukasan—A Scholarship Program to Champion, Strengthen, and Uplift Teacher Education

“Teaching is the profession that teaches all other professions.” Teachers are living vessels of knowledge and of dreams and aspirations of children whose voices fill teachers’ hearts and minds. As such, we recognize that lifelong learners need lifelong teachers—both championing education toward a better future for all.

With the desire to fuel hope and inspire action among Edukampyons, REX Education and the Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC) launched the PEAC–REX Edukampyon Iskolar Para Sa Kinabukasan, a scholarship program that aims to champion, strengthen, and advance teacher education by encouraging the best and brightest learners to pursue the teaching profession.

Addressing the Challenges Faced by the Education Sector
According to the 2018 OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) results, Filipino students ranked the lowest among 79 countries in mathematics, science, and reading, with over 80% of students not reaching the minimum level of proficiency in reading. In a 2019research conducted by the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMMS), scores of Filipino students decreased by 61 points in mathematics and by 83 points in science from 2003 to 2019. The Southeast Asia Primary Learning Metrics (SEA-PLM) also found that in 2019, at least 83% of Grade 5 students scored below reading and mathematics standards expected for end of primary schooling.

According to the World Bank Philippines Report 2021: “Improving teacher quality in schools will mean attracting and selecting the best candidates into the teaching profession. To strengthen teacher quality, [we] should begin from selecting the right people into the profession. Policies in teacher recruitment and hiring should be aimed at increasing the attractiveness of the career, such as incentivizing high achievers to pursue teacher training and eventually enter into the profession.”

Edukampyon Iskolar Para Sa Kinabukasan
The Edukampyon Iskolar Para Sa Kinabukasan scholarship program rings true to REX Education’s Edukampyon advocacy: to rally every Filipino to champion education so that every learner is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, challenged, and values-oriented. As Edukampyons, we are duty-bound to uplift the Filipino learners today and in the future—and help make them whole. The time to act is now.
By encouraging the best and the brightest to pursue the teaching profession, we are investing in our learners and in the future of Philippine education. By being partners, we are working together to build and strengthen the path toward a brighter tomorrow for all of us, for our nation. By supporting the program, we are giving back to the teaching profession the highest honor and prestige it deserves.

“Teaching is a profession that has the power and influence to inspire the grooming of the greatest artists, doctors, and innovators. So, it is essential as Edukampyons to look into how we can advance and strengthen the quality of teachers and instructors… from basic education to the tertiary level. We seek for the best and the brightest to work with us, commit to the profession, and start creating a rippled effect as we enhance teachers’ quality today. This small act that we are doing in the present can have a great impact on all of our futures,” said Don Timothy Buhain, chief executive officer of REX Education during the launch of the program on October 5, 2021.

What’s Next?
REX Education and PEAC are here for you. Students can apply for the program through their respective schools; while schools can nominate their top students for the scholarship, to encourage good-standing students to pursue Teacher Education for their tertiary education. 
REX Education and PEAC will also partner with teacher education centers of excellence (COEs) and centers of development (CODs) across the country to grant the scholarships, ensuring quality education and training for future teachers. 

By school year 2022–2023, 50 of the best and brightest freshmen will be selected across four basic education specializations: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Those admitted to the program will not only enjoy living and technology-support allowances; they will also receive the best training from partner COEs and CODs across the country and bear the pride and responsibility to give back and advance the community.

Edukampyon Iskolar Para Sa Kinabukasan was launched through a virtual event that gathered educators and representatives from PEAC, REX Education, Philippine Business of Education, ASEAN Teacher Education Network, the Department of Education, and the Commission on Higher Education. Apart from launching the initiative, it was also a celebration of teachers across the country in time for World Teachers’ Month.
Those who missed the event can still watch it via REX Education Facebook page.
Media contact: Jerome Samson- 09178961568

Monday, December 6, 2021

Kembot Nation: How to Join the Largest Baby Dance Group in the Philippines

Whenever we’re faced with unfamiliar situations, fear and anxiousness can take over us. Much like adults, babies experience feelings of uncertainty too. To build confidence and avoid timidity, we want to encourage Power Parents to let babies try new experiences that can positively impact their developmental growth. Studies have shown that dancing along to music has long-lasting benefits for babies, especially during the most critical period of their development. 

One factor that can affect your baby’s health is diaper rashes. This condition not only affects their skin but also leaves them uncomfortable, keeping them from developmental milestones. But not to worry, Power Parents!

Pampers is dedicated to help Power Parents provide their babies a comfortable, healthy development. The NEW Pampers Rash Shield with Lotion with Aloe helps babies maintain good skin and overall health, so they can be their most active and be comfortable to kembot as much as they please. Pampers Pants provide an all-around protection from rashes because of the elevated skin health proposition, Rash Shield with ALOE ingredient, improved leg leak guard, skin protection cues & wider diaper perception, and new fresh aloe scent. 

With the protection of the new Pampers Rash Shield with Lotion with Aloe, babies have adorably showcased how they kembot the rashes away with Pampers’ newest Kembot Nation jingle. Now, you and your babies can join in on the fun of the largest baby dance group!

We want to see how adorably cute your babies can kembot the rashes away. Simply go to the official Pampers Philippines TikTok page and record your baby’s kembot using the audio of the latest video. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #PampersPH and tag @PampersPH on TikTok.

Check out some of these amazing kembot moves from babies all over the nation!


With the added improved leg leak guard & skin protection cues of Pampers Rash Shield with Lotion with Aloe babies can’t help but to move and groove to the beat of the Kembot Nation jingle. You too can kembot along!

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