Wednesday, February 10, 2021

BDO Network Bank may treat para sa love month

Malapit na ang February 14, may ka-match ka ba? 

Kung ikaw ay may negosyo, may perfect match ang BDO Network Bank para sa iyo at sa business mo. Ngayong February, may libreng BDO Life insurance kapag nag-avail ng BDO Network Bank Kabuhayan Loan! 

Ang libreng insurance promo ay open sa lahat ng nag-avail ng Kabuhayan Loan mula February 1 – February 26, 2021, na may edad 18-69 years old. Puwedeng mag-loan mula Php30,000 hanggang Php1,000,000. 

Ang maganda rito, mapapalago mo na ang iyong negosyo, ma po-protektahan mo pa ang sarili mo, dahil may Free Accident Insurance coverage up to Php100,000 at hospitalization benefit of P500 per day! 

Para sa detalye, bumisita sa pinakamalapit na BDO Network Bank branch, o mag-send ng private message sa BDO Network Bank PH Facebook page. 

BDO NETWORK BANK MSME. Sobra ang pasasalamat ni Lulu Saquing sa BDO Network Bank Kabuhayan Loan dahil nakatulong ito para makabili sya ng van na ginawa niyang rolling store sa kanilang lugar sa Cagayan Valley.

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Sangobion Reminds Filipinos On Optimum Blood Health With “Dugo’y Pagtibayin” Music Video with Sarah Geronimo

It is in great times of uncertainties where the Filipino resilience has always triumphed. The world is made witness that even in the face of tragedies and calamities, Filipinos will endure with big smiles on their faces — and this is what inspired Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON+) to create an anthem that would resonate to this unfailing spirit.

‘Dugo’y Pagtibayin’ by Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON+) is a reminder to Filipinos that it is through our individual hope and strength that makes the collective power to rise amid this most trying time. Through the power of music to soothe the soul and with no less than Sarah Geronimo behind the song, this gives the melody a deeper meaning of how this nation can keep moving forward dahil sa lakas ng Dugong Pinoy.

“Sulong dugong Pinoy, pagtibayin ang dugo natin.”

Sarah is a believer of the power of music to uplift spirits, “For me, mahalaga ang music lalo na ngayon na may pinagdadaanan tayo. Music is very powerful, it’s the language of our soul... Iba yung nagagawa niyang pang-boost ng morale.”

With her soulful performance of the song, Sarah brings to life the meaning of dugong Pinoy with her every lyric that shows how a nation’s strength is fueled by Filipinos who do not get weakened nor get tired easily.

“Nung nalaman ko po na gagawa ako ng bagong kanta for Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON+), I got excited. I know that it is going to be meaningful,” shares Sarah Geronimo.

Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON+) put together this LSS-worthy and inspiring music video with the goal that as Filipinos start to go out of their houses more to serve their families and the nation, the more that they need to keep their blood health in check as one of the ways to keep the body healthy.

Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON+) asks the nation, “Do you know how to maintain your blood health?”

The ‘Dugo’y Pagtibayin’ music video raises the awareness on maintaining healthy blood to help keep immunity at its peak. Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON+) takes the action to educate more Filipinos to take charge of their health by sharing these three ways on how to maintain one’s blood health:

1. Exercise regularly. Among the many benefits of exercising, when it comes to blood health, any exercise that can get the blood pumping even as simple as walking, is already beneficial to the body. The more the body moves, the more blood will be pumped around it. Good blood circulation helps the cells of immune system to move freely so they can function efficiently.1

2. Manage your stress. Experiencing constant anxiety and stress can affect blood circulation. However, with the looming uncertainties brought upon by the current situation it is inevitable to feel stressed – but this can be managed. Stress buster activities and behaviors like yoga, meditation, listening to music, or safely spending time with the people you care about can help you feel calmer and more in control of your life. 2 Managing your stress better is one way to help improve your blood flow.

3. Taking Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON+). 3 If you’re running on a hectic routine whether you’re just at home or out for work, taking Multivitamins significantly helps when the food you eat isn’t able to provide your body the nutrients and minerals it needs.

Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON+) contains vitamins and minerals that helps to replenish iron stores and increases red blood cell levels in the body. 

4. Recommended intake is one to two capsules daily, during or after meals, or as prescribed by your doctor.

Being proud to have a Dugong Pinoy means that you take charge of your overall health. Start by looking after your blood health to help keep your immune system at its peak.

5.Haven’t watched the newest song of Sarah Geronimo with Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON+)? Click here to watch the “Dugo’y Pagtibayin” music video.

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Digital Doc program: Send me your QR code

The next time you look to pay your doctor, you may want to ask for his or her QR code -- cashless transactions are safer for the patient and doctor alike.

Through our Digital Doc program, we enable doctors and medical professionals to enjoy the benefits of digital payments via QR code.

“We are thrilled to share the benefits of cashless transactions -- in enabling online health consultations and in keeping us all (doctors and patients alike) safe during these trying times,” said BPI Deputy Head of Marketing Mariana Zobel de Ayala. “In addition to keeping us safe from COVID-related health risks, the use of QR codes keep your bank accounts safer as well -- they are less prone to errors that often happen when keying in account numbers and transfer amounts.”

Patients can pay in seconds and for free -- by just scanning the QR code and inputting the payment amount. Doctors, in turn, are able to monitor their funds anytime, anywhere through BPI Online or BPI Mobile app.

“As BPI, we hope to be a partner for our healthcare professionals -- in enabling them with what is needed to adapt to the next normal, and more importantly, to keep them safe, ” she said.

To activate a QR code for free, doctors are invited to log in to BPI Online or BPI Mobile app and select “Other Services,” followed by “QR Generator.” From there, they simply select the account for which they wish to generate a QR code for, and can even add a nickname or label for their QR code -- so that it is easily recognizable for anyone they send to. They have the option to include an amount requested for payment -- but either way, by clicking “Save to Device” they can access it easily anytime -- and send it to their patients as they wish. Beyond the benefits of convenience, BPI’s digital banking platforms offer security features to ensure protection of your data and account information.

Visit the BPI website at to know more about accepting payments via QR code.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Bring Out the Strongest Version of You with Pantene

On days when life gets in the way, it’s easy to lose track of yourself. Even when it’s frustrating, choosing the easy way out of situations can feel like the best decision when you’re stuck with no options.

But even if life throws you a curveball, you’re still able to get back on track — stronger than before.
And if you can put your best foot forward again to face the new normal in 2021, your hair definitely can too!
Pantene’s newest digital video empowers women to toughen up by starting stronger and get that extra boost of confidence by taking care of themselves. It features familiar scenario women can definitely relate to — those times when you feel like you’re losing yourself to a point that even your hair looks like it gave up. Split ends start to pop out and the damage is apparent, and you’re so tempted to take a literal shortcut by chopping off your locks.

Now cutting hair short isn’t the only solution to hair damage, you can look forward to stronger days ahead with the new Pantene Long Hair Solutions Total Damage Care Shampoo. It has Pro V with Japanese Rice Oil Essence, specially created for long hair needs to protect your hair from having split ends and prevent hair damage even before it happens. Rice Oil Essence has 50x Anti Damage Benefit, so you can say goodbye to hair damage and split ends even before it happens.

Pantene’s latest video brings the message of empowerment reaching and encouraging numerous Filipinas to keep growing their hair out, here are some tidbits from Filipinas who are now committed to stop with the short cuts and grow their hair long in 2021.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

BDO honors Medalla’s legacy

BDO Unibank honors Filipino artist David Medalla, who passed away on December 28, 2020. It commemorates Medalla’s legacy with the continued display of his sculpture, “Cloud Canyons No. 31,” at the lobby of its Corporate Center in Ortigas (CCO). “Cloud Canyons No. 31” found its way to CCO for bank employees, clients, and visitors to enjoy in 2019. Before coming home to the Philippines, it was exhibited in the Hepworth Wakefield art museum in England when Medalla was one of the shortlisted artists for the inaugural Hepworth Wakefield Prize for Sculpture in 2016. It is made of Plexiglas tubes, wood, fiberglass, water, soap, and oxygenators, and is part of a series often referred to as the “bubble machines.” Mara Coson, who oversees the BDO Art Collection, said of Medalla’s passing: “David Medalla was magnetic. He lived a life that drew people in while he himself could not be contained. He left the world with stories so wild and infinite they can never all be told. “Medalla was born in Manila in 1942, with literary and visual genius uniquely attributable only to his bright spirit. His biography is too vast for a short note and is kept alive by the many who encountered him along with his life’s adventures, strangers and friends, periods from explorations of kinetic art in the 1960s and beyond to performances anywhere, and travel whether physical or otherwise. He spent his life around the world, at home everywhere, and still home was also the Philippines, where he died peacefully. “More than ever, we must make sure the bubbles of Cloud Canyons No. 31 continue endlessly and fully in our care—and most of all, welcome to the public to experience these clouds for always. We will do Medalla proud. “When you visit the bubble machine, I encourage you to take a moment to wish David the best for his next life, as he dances with ease among the brightest galaxies.”