Friday, September 21, 2018

How To Fly A Quad Copter?

After acquiring your first beginner drone. The obvious next step is to learn how to fly it. I this article you will be guided on how to fly a drone with ease. Before we move into flying a drone, let's discuss some basic information that can answer a lot of question you might want to ask. The basic information is the first step out of two steps to learning how to fly a drone.

Step one
Basics of flying a drone
Remote control knowledge
Right stick
The right stick controls drone to move in the left/right and forward/ backward direction.
In other words, it controls the drone's pitch and roll.

Left stick
The left stick rotates the drone in two directions, both the clockwise and the counterclockwise. It also adjusts the height of drone while you fly.
In other words, it controls the drone's yaw and throttle.
There is also the presence of trim buttons.      

The controls of the quadcopter
All the controls for flying a drone is as follows:
Roll: this tilts the quadcopter to both the right and the left direction. The drone is able to move in such direction by speeding up the rotor on one side and slowing the other rotor on the other side.
Throttle: it controls the drone in an up and down direction by varying the overall speed of the rotor. This throttle adjusts the drone's height or altitude.
Pitch: it does the same function as the toll, it moves the drone forwards and backward.
Yaw: this rotates the drone by speeding up the spinning of the rotors in one direction and reducing the speed of the rotor spinning in the other direction and vice versa.  This is a direction.
Trim: this button adjusts the toll, pitch, throttle and, yaw. In case they are off balance.
Maneuvering styles
Hovering: this is one of the most basic styles, it involves staying in the same position while your drone is in the air. To perform this style you will need the throttle.
Bank turn: this involves a clockwise or anticlockwise turn. This style is perfect for a quick change of direction.
Figure 8: in this style, you are flying the drone in figure 8-direction.

Stabilization modes
There mainly three stabilization modes for a quadcopter.
GPS hold: this mode returns drone back to the position from where it is flagged as the start point. It is able to do this with the help of GPS.
Altitude: the drone will level itself out when the control sticks are leveled.
Rate manual: it is similar to the flying style of a helicopter. Once you tilt the drone, it won't move to its normal position, even if you leave the stick and it returns to the middle, the drone will still be in that same tilted position.
Step two -Learning how to fly a drone
Learn how to hover a drone
Before you learn how to fly a drone you should know how to hover. Hovering is really hard, it takes you days or even months to master it. At least, in the process of learning, you can have fun.
It is best to learn what you don't know first for half your flight time and the other half for whatever you want to do. Using this method of learning is sure to reduce tour frustrations.
You are about to hover your drone, the first action to take is to check your controls. Then you begin by moving your throttle 10%, then try to move all your other control slowly to see if they are working effectively. This is the first and necessary action to take before even flying a drone.
The next action to take is to understand your drone. You can do this by slowly increasing the throttle until your drone is hovering about 2-inches of the ground. After that, then you move other controls around as so you can get a feel for the controls and how fast the drone response reacts to the controls.
Now that you've gotten a good understanding of the drone. Try to raise the quadcopter to a higher level of 3-feet from the ground or a bit more. As it is 3-feet higher from the ground, you will discover that the hovering will be much easier since there is less air turbulence from the ground.
Once you've got a hang of it, the next thing to do is to try to land the drone perfectly by reducing the throttle slowly.
Learning how to fly a drone in circles
To make bank turn, follow this instruction. While flying, start going forward at a speed of about 5-mph. Enough to give you the momentum needed to make a bank turn. Apply a small amount of roll in order to bank the drone. Then you continuously apply the yaw (pull the elevator),  you will see that your quadcopter will turn while falling. Applying too much yaw will lift your drone out of the turn it was making.
Finally, the last step
After the performing and understanding the basics above, you will have the skills. Now the only step left is to put your skills into action.  You try out new tricks to increase your drone game. If you are looking for a drone of your fit, you should seek the best beginner drones.

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