Thursday, July 16, 2015

Stressed-out Parents of Toddlers

It is not easy to become a parent but it is a blessing. Not all can become a parents. I happened to be so blessed to have two beautiful kids and I tell you guys it wasn't easygoing. I became a full time mom almost three years ago, I often feel my head aches because I am over thinking of things why my child is  acting like that, how to become a good parent, I used to say "stop!" "No!" Etchetera. I used to read articles about kids and parenting. I wonder if I am able to apply those what I've read because you know, when you're in actual situation, I can't control myself anymore. If I get so pissed off, I'd say things I shouldn't say and I often beat them. I don't know what to do and how to control myself because in my daily life, here they are making me a monster. I admit, I'm not a good parent. I really need help and I think I found something that can help me.

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Every parent surely need a webinar that talks about toddlers. About Parenting. 

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