Sunday, January 8, 2012

About Mitchyweech

I just started blogging last September 2011. I just want to share anything I have in my mind and I also want to share that I am joining some contest, promos, freebies and giveaways online. So you will notice that some of my post will be a re-post from some blogs. But I will also give time to post interesting topics.

I'm married @ 22, with one precious baby girl and one and only husband.
I'm a working mom and at the same time a trying hard blogger.
We owned a business but still we're adjusting because it really needs a hard work,
effort and your whole time.Since I'm a working mom, I'm not yet able to give  my whole time.
Some times I'm hunting extra income online. It really helps a lot.
Blogging is one of my past time. Reading is my favorite hobby. Eating is the best skill I have.
Sleeping is my passion.
I'm a proud Filipina. I love Philippines!

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